Sunday, January 17, 2010

Operation Carnal Desire

The name of this blog is Operational Carnal Desire (OCD). The idea of OCD was sparked recently when I met a stranger randomly in the aisle of Whole Foods. He was so strikingly "carnal" in his beautiful physical appearance and the way he both talked and looked at me. I allowed him to sweep me off my feet, and realized that he was by far the most carnal person I have ever met. There is something almost indescribable about his carnal nature, his approach to life- the way he seems utterly connected to his physical body, the way he devours the moments and takes from life. Having always been afraid to connect with my physical body I realized that I wanted to cultivate this within myself, and from this was born Operation Carnal Desire. Take note that Operation Carnal has nothing to do with the stranger I met at Whole Foods, but a solo mission to awaken my own physical life force. This blog is in many ways an ode to OCD, and my own journey to find it.

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