Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Box yoga class in Baltimore w/ mama pat. Not quite hot enough, not quite flexible enough, but a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

To My Wellness Coach

Dear Wellness Coach

Please forgive me for missing our training session, it is not indicative of my appreciation for the wellness that you have brought into my life. My struggle to find balance has me completed unraveled at the seams, atleast for the moment. I know that I'll find it eventually, and only hope it doesn't happen at the expense of my relationships, and my own personal well being. I am not sure how other entrepreneurs do it- as I am always the last in line to deal with pressing issues- and in many ways my time and energy has stopped being my own the way it used to. Its very tricky, and isn't a simple matter of making myself or my personal commitments a priority when I should or need to (which is something I struggled with before my business came along). I have to say however though that our friendship is so absolutely important to me, and I won't let anything come between that. I know that you are going to be an amazing personal trainer, and those that train with you will most likely find it cathartic within their personal process.

I'm ready to get off my ass though and abandon excuses so thank you for the inspiration.

Operation Carnal Desire

The name of this blog is Operational Carnal Desire (OCD). The idea of OCD was sparked recently when I met a stranger randomly in the aisle of Whole Foods. He was so strikingly "carnal" in his beautiful physical appearance and the way he both talked and looked at me. I allowed him to sweep me off my feet, and realized that he was by far the most carnal person I have ever met. There is something almost indescribable about his carnal nature, his approach to life- the way he seems utterly connected to his physical body, the way he devours the moments and takes from life. Having always been afraid to connect with my physical body I realized that I wanted to cultivate this within myself, and from this was born Operation Carnal Desire. Take note that Operation Carnal has nothing to do with the stranger I met at Whole Foods, but a solo mission to awaken my own physical life force. This blog is in many ways an ode to OCD, and my own journey to find it.